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New Work

Plum in a Small Garden

Ink and Chinese White on Wa-Dang Rice Paper  with Dragon Tile water maek

Mounted on double sized rice paper framed 14x18". SOLD

Two Mynah on a Scholars Rock

Ink and watercolor on mulberry paper.

Mounted and matted 12"x16".      SOLD

Soars with the Wind

Ink and watercolor on grass paper.

Mounted 8.5"x12".

Birds in Peonies     SOLD

Double Happines

Ink and Watercolor on rice paper.

Mounted on double sized rice paper.

Fresh Fish for Supper

Ink and water color on rice paper.

Mounted  18"x26".


Bananna Quit in Peach Blossom   SOLD

Sparrow in Wisteria     SOLD