Bone Carvings

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Photo Gallery

These are some of the variety of carvings I've done using a jewelers saw and a dremel grinder. These are a combination of Maori, native american, Eskimo, Celtic and my own creations. Although I mostly carve these items for my own family and occasionly for a friend I do accept commissions for custom work. Since it can only be accomplished outdoors I am restricted to mainly the months of July through September.  

Little Owl one of my own creations on commision

Maori Friendship Totem (present between Chiefs)

Scrap from another carving

Gecco my own creation

Zuni Frog fetish also done for a friend

Sleeping Swan

Waves from a scrap fro another carving

George the rabbit on commision

Maoti fish hook

Maori Marriage loop my wife's

Leaf fro a scrap

Sperm Whale my first carving

Kissing Dolphins

Killer Whale

Turtle lapel pin from scrap

Celtic Knot Lapel Pin

Lapel Pin Dolphin

Frog Lapel Pin

Lapel Pin Octopus

Shark Lapel Pin